NuRoo 3 in 1 Adjustable Size Swaddler, Preemie to 17 lbs., Slate Blue

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A perfect shower gift that is sure to fit almost any size newborn!

The NuRoo Swaddler is the only swaddle you'll need from birth till when baby rolls. With two interior pockets and a removable "grow" seam to extend its length, the NuRoo Swaddler grows with your baby. 3 sizes in 1 design eliminates excess material - a potential cause of suffocation - to provide the perfect fit at every stage, keeping baby safe and secure for a sound night's sleep.

-Fits: Birth to 28" (approx. 4-17 lbs.) / approved for use with preterm babies

-The signature NuRoo fabric is super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking to prevent overheating. The compression fit properties allow for a snug fit in all the right places to mimic the feeling of being held.

-Wide Leg Pocket lets baby move and flex their legs freely, promoting healthy hip development.

Designed for Pre + Full term babies
90% Polyester, 10% spandex
Care: machine washable / dryer safe