Mommy's Helper Door Knob Child Safety Covers - 2 pack

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Deter curious children from entering rooms or closets with our Door Knob Covers.

The over-sized grip design spins loosely around the door knob when a child tries to turn it, yet allows adults to grip and squeeze to open the door with a little effort.

In addition, the Lock-Guard feature covers the door handle locking button to protect against accidental lock-outs.

-Works especially well with round architectural doorknobs. (please see note below**)

-Lock-Guard covers the door handle lock protecting against accidental lock-outs

-Package contains 2 door knob covers

**Please note: These work BEST with round, architectural style (larger) knobs.

Although they do work with most standard doorknobs, please be aware that some people find them difficult to grip and squeeze, particularly in the first few weeks. This makes this product VERY effective for children or elderly people who are able to turn doorknobs with other brands. However, be prepared that sometimes, even adults need to work to get the doorknobs open!