Mommy's Helper Car Seat Sun Shade - Direct Sunlight Reflective Cover

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Direct sunlight has the tendency to make car seat surfaces hot, hot, hot! Mommy's Helper's Car Seat Sun Shade can keep your child's car seat an average of 26 degrees F cooler than other exposed surfaces.

(Please note that this product is intended to prevent direct sunlight from heating up the surface of the carseat and buckles, which can be uncomfortable on your baby's skin. It will not reduce the inside temperature of the carseat. Findings are based on inside surface temperature of a car on a 95 degree F day. Actual results may vary, depending on geography, time in the sun, make of car, size of windows and direction in which car is parked.)

Features include:

-Easy to install and store - just unwrap and stretch over the edges of the carseat.

-Elastic sizing to fit most car seats

-Helps protect car seat from heat and UV rays