Kidco G150 Premier Arched Pressure Safety Gate

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Part of the KidCo new Architectural Series, a line of fashionable child safety gates, the Premier Gateway is a high end, pressure mounted gate based on the original KidCo Gateway series. Architecturally inspired to fit any home decor, the Premier has all the popular attributes of the Gateway series: easy installation with no tools required; non-toxic, white finished tubular steel; and U-shaped arched frame with two-way door. To insure proper installation and peace of mind, pressure indicators are built into the handle and the bottom crossbar. Walk through width is approx. 22". The basic Premier Gateway fits openings 29" to 37" wide. Constructed of tubular steel and 30.5" tall, it's great for kids and pets, too. Need a gate for a bigger opening? Used with optional extensions (not included), the Center Gateway can now extend up to 6 feet! Extension kits are available. Use this chart to calculate which extension kits you will need: Opening 31.5" - 37"; Included with gate Opening 37" - 42.5"; 1-G5.5 Kit Opening 42.5" - 47.5"; 2-G5.5 Kits Opening 47.5" - 49.5"; 1-G15-12.5 Ext Opening 49.5" - 55"; 1-G15-12.5 Ext/1-G5.5 Kit Opening 55" - 62"; 2-G15-12.5 Ext Opening 62" - 68"; 2-G15-12.5 Ext/1-G5.5 Kit Opening 68" - 73.5"; 2-G15-12.5 Ext/2-G5.5 Kits