Dream Baby Bump Belt Pregnancy Car Seatbelt Adjuster

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One of the frustrations of pregnancy is what to do with the seatbelt while riding or driving in a vehicle. Sudden braking or low speed impacts can cause an incorrectly positioned seat belt to exert extreme pressure against the abdomen, potentially causing harm to an unborn baby. Dreambaby Bump Belt is designed just for mommies-to-be to prevent the seat belt from riding up over her baby bump, giving her more peace of mind, especially in a collision. *Simple to use. Just strap the Bump Belt to the seat under you and use its velcro straps to pull the seatbelt below the belly. *Soft, comfortable fabric cover. *Helps protect you and your unborn child, while maintaining the strutural integrity of the seat belt. *Helps to support unborn child's head and neck while travelling around. *Effective in encouraging Mothers-to be to position and maintain the lap portion over the hips rather than the abdomen.